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Gourmet ristorante, trattoria and enoteca under one roof.

The Italian trinity

Ai Pero has a comprehensive gastronomy concept that offers everything a real gourmet could wish for—impressive surroundings enhanced by the exquisite flavours of the surprising compositions that chef Rémy Hennerici creates to delight the discerning guest.


Schafbachstraße 20 – 24
56626 Andernach

Farmhouse fare, Italian style.

The trattoria was awarded five saucepans by Gusto. It offers an impressive range of classic dishes: superb antipasti, home-made pasta, and pizza baked in a wood-burning stove. Everything here is lovingly served in exact accordance with the popular traditions of Italian country cuisine.

A feast for the eyes
and the palate.

In the trattoria, guests can actually watch their food being prepared: the wood stove is clearly visible from the restaurant through a glass screen. Enough to make your mouth water!