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Ciro Il Lattaio

Authentic cuisine,
italian ambience.

Institution in the gastronomic scene

The name Ciriaco Cavallo is an institution in the Frankfurt gastronomic scene. With its three locations, it plays a major role in shaping the delicatessen image of the city. As befits a true italian, he places the highest value on original italian products. This is why the premium mineral water ACQUA MORELLI is also found on the maps of the Ristorante Isoletta and the two addresses of Ciro Il Lattaio.

Ciro Il Lattaio

Berger Straße 89
60322 Frankfurt am Main

Stephanstraße 13
60313 Frankfurt am Main

„The product is a
perfect fit for us.“

„The quality is like it should be in an italian restaurant: excellent,” says ‘Ciro’ Cavallo, who not only likes the taste and quality so much, but also the design of the bottles.”