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Elegant cuisine from Düsseldorf.

Asian fusion cooking
in the heart of Düsseldorf.

We love unique taste experiences. That’s why we combine the best of Thai, Chinese and Japanese cuisine and link cultural diversity with a culinary expertise.


Klosterstraße 24
40211 Düsseldorf

„Love and fantasy
are the best spices.“

The two chefs Kim and Long, born in Germany and Austria, with Vietnamese and Chinese roots, are not only linked by a long-standing friendship but also by a love of Asian cuisine. The union of different currents became their hallmark: Kim and Long became “King” – the KING FUSION was born.

Dive into the flavours of Asia.

In addition to tapas, soups and salads, the extensive menu offers sushi, tartar, sashimi and meat dishes, rounded off by desserts such as Matcha Tiramisu or Mango Sorbet; finest ACQUA MORELLI enriches the dishes in an discreet and mild way.