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Experience your moments of pleasure more intensively.

Pure mineral water stimulates the taste buds.

The purest water
for the on-trade.

ACQUA MORELLI is the perfect mineral water for top outlets.

The perfect accompaniment to exquisite wine

Whoever appreciates good wine can be happy all over the world today.

Of course, wine production in Italy has a very special status. Generations have

dedicated themselves to the art of viticulture, creating wonderful wines year after year.

This passion for the grape harvest and winemaking is closely bound up with a passion for high-class

mineral waters – like ACQUA MORELLI.

Wine enjoyment
at a high level.

On average, two bottles of water are ordered for every bottle of wine served – reason enough to offer an exquisite water to complement an exquisite bottle of wine. ACQUA MORELLI is virtually mineral-free, which sensitizes the taste buds ready for perfect wine enjoyment.

„We haven’t had any culinary water for years, so I thought about: Which special water suits us best? The soft ACQUA MORELLI impressed me. The balance of the carbonic acid saturation is subtle and the salinity is not so strong.“

Daniel Georgiev

Head chef at the Restaurant Ratsstuben in Haltern am See
MICHELIN star since 2002

ACQUA MORELLI is welcome
in the worldwide cuisine.

Thanks to its low mineral content, ACQUA MORELLI harmonises wonderfully with evening courses

served over a longer period of time. The water is refreshing and will sensitise the palate between courses,

yet without affecting the taste of the dishes themselves. ACQUA MORELLI offers every kitchen a premium

mineral water of a quality above and beyond even the most stringent requirements.

The culinary dimensions of mineral water

A glimpse at the kitchen of a master of the culinary art is always something special. In sophisticated cuisine, only the best of the best quality is good enough. This is no less true in New York or London than in Hamburg or Singapore. Subtle preparation of the taste buds is essential to ensure an exquisite culinary experience. The mineral water served as an accompaniment to the menu plays a vital role.

„I prefer mineral waters which are not too dominant but also self-contained. As a perfect accompaniment to meals the water should not have too many minerals because they can change the taste.“

Elmar Simon

Starred chef

Perfect accompaniment to any dish thanks to low mineral content

A most pure and noble combination

With its remarkable soft taste, ACQUA MORELLI calms and relaxes the taste buds.

Ideal for an evening filled with a variety of delightful but diverse taste experiences.

The premium mineral water ACQUA MORELLI ensures that all taste nuances remain

pure and characteristic – nothing is diluted, nothing altered.

The partner of a good cocktail.

It’s become a firm fixture in the gourmet scene: the cocktail. Year after year, it comes up with new surprises in the form of new trends and novel creations. International flair is part of the name of many of these cocktails, and mixologists around the globe continue to perfect their craft to conjure up new creations. Many of the artists in this branch of the gourmet business appreciate the importance of a pure mineral water as a means of sensitising the tongue for an optimal taste experience.

„An exclusive mineral water with low mineral content is very important – it’s much easier to reset your taste buds before enjoying your next cocktail. A good mineral water low in minerals such as Acqua Morelli is also ideal for mixing and fizzing drink creations.“

Markus Kern

German Cocktail Champion of 2012
In-Live Events

For the excellent pleasure of a good coffee.

Almost half of all coffee drinkers value an outstanding mineral water like

ACQUA MORELLI as an accompaniment to their favourite coffee creation, and for

good reason: this exquisite mineral water opens up and sensitises the taste buds,

preparing the palate for optimum enjoyment the coffee that follows.

Success story:
in the best company
and tradition

At gourmet restaurants, coffee is much more than simply another hot drink. For a true connoisseur, the pleasure of a good coffee is an integral part of the enjoyment of a meal – whether in form of a harmonious addition to a dessert or as the perfect way to round off a four-course gourmet meal. It is here, in particular, that award-winning restaurants convince their customers with exquisite compositions and unsurpassed quality.

„To enjoy your coffee experience even more, an accompanying glass of mineral water is simply a must. You should drink some water beforehand and while you’re drinking your coffee – not afterwards. This allows the full aroma and taste of the coffee to develop so that enjoyment and aftertaste can linger longer.“

André Voigt

Coffee sommelier liloucoffee

Discover the world of ACQUA MORELLI.

From the origin
of Italian nature

High quality gastronomy
relies on ACQUA MORELLI.

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