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Special indulgence
through minimal

Pure, italian mountain water
with low mineral content.

From the origin
of Italian nature

ACQUA MORELLI is the mountain water. It stems from the Maritime Alps in Italy and is distinguished by its low mineral content. The spring, discovered in the 18th century, is located 1,000 metres above sea level in the heart of a picturesque beech forest.

Exceptional freshness straight from the Bauda spring.

The area is virtually unspoiled: nature is left to its own devices and is free of any agriculture or environmental influences. This idyllic spring pours forth water with a 75-year journey behind it, having passed through numerous strata of rock that act as a natural filter system.

Incomparable purity thanks to natural filtration.

With its very low mineral content of only 44,2 mg/l (2023), ACQUA MORELLI has an especially soft and pure taste, which harmonises wonderfully with special dishes, choice wines, coffee and cocktails.

The excellent quality of ACQUA MORELLI stimulates the appetite.

ACQUA MORELLI has a low mineral content and a very well balanced taste – everything you would expect from an exclusive mineral water. What is more, the true connoisseur can confirm that the excellent quality of ACQUA MORELLI has a beneficial and stimulating effect on the appetite.

44,2 mg
mineral content
per liter



44,2 mg/l *


Acqua Panna: 180 mg/l


Perrier: 688 mg/l


San Pellegrino: 939 mg/l


Badoit: 1832 mg/l

Source: about-drinks.com / *2023

ACQUA MORELLI’s low mineral content makes it ideal for the on-trade.

Balanced taste due to minimal mineralisation.

Compared to other mineral waters, which can contain up to 1832 mg/l, the merits of ACQUA MORELLI are clear for all to see: this is water with unique characteristics and in its purest form. The still version is also becoming increasingly popular.


The dark blue ACQUA MORELLI bottles cannot fail to catch the eye and the attractive exterior highlights the exquisite delights within. The perfect design of this creation won it the coveted Red Dot Design Award.

„The ground around the spring is covered with beech trees and there is no danger of exposure to adverse environmental influences. This natural spring ensures the especially pure quality of ACQUA MORELLI.“

Paolo Nan

Owner of the Bauda Spring

Pure quality products are pure cultural heritage

Mineral water is a genuinely natural product and still the most popular non-alcoholic cold drink. In top-of-the-range German in-trade culinary circles, the emphasis has been shifting for some time towards a characteristic mineral water that caters to highly individual tastes. A product that is not simply a necessary accompaniment, but stands out as a culinary pleasure in itself – and satisfies even the most discerning customers.

Noble pleasure that attracts attention.

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